SPUD Is The Portable Screen We’ve Always Wanted

Are you the person who’s constantly on the go? Do you prefer to work on a big screen rather than squinting your eyes at your smartphone or tablet? If the answer is yes; say hello to Spontaneous Pop-Up Display (SPUD). Spontaneous Pop-Up Display (SPUD) is a high-res 24” screen that can be collapsed and expanded similar to an umbrella.SPUD

SPUD can connect to devices easily and can be used for watching videos, working or even for playing games. Once collapsed, SPUD is the size and weight of a paperback book. An ideal option for anyone on the go.SPUD SPUD

Once expanded, the Spontaneous Pop-Up Display makes use of custom optics in collaboration with the latest DLP technology. This results in a sharp, bright image that you can enjoy working with every time. Spontaneous Pop-Up Display can be connected to a smartphone, tablet or a laptop via HDMI cable or a wireless adapter.SPUD SPUD

For the early backers, the gadget is being offered at a discounted pricing from the $499 intended retail price. Once expanded, SPUD measures in at 21” wide, 11” high and 14” deep. The screen size of 24” means that you have a screen area that is 4 times bigger than that of a 13” laptop and 23 times more than that of a 5.1” smartphone.SPUD SPUD

The screen durability has been ensured by making use of a flexible polymer that doesn’t get chipped or cracked. And hey, if you get it dirty (which is bound to happen) you can wash it without worrying about anything. The casing that it comes in ensures that the Spontaneous Pop-Up Display remains protected while you take it around.SPUD

Once collapsed, SPUD measures in at 5.46” wide, 2.17” high and 7.52” long. It weighs in at under 2 pounds and owing to its compact form, is highly portable. It utilizes as a projector and a projector screen in a single system and doesn’t require dim lighting or wall for working. Just set it up ANYWHERE and get to work.SPUD

The Spontaneous Pop-Up Display (SPUD) has raised over $577,000 at Kickstarter with 10 more days to go in the campaign. If all goes well, the shipping will commence in June 2017. Who wants one?!

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