SpotnSave: A Wristband for Safety

When we’re out alone we are afraid of being mugged, or even kidnapped.   No thief is going to wait for us to take out our phone and call the police.  There’s a new gadget out in the market that might be able to reduce certain crimes.  It’s a wristband that lets you alert friends and family when you are in trouble.


Chirag Jagtiani, a Hong Kong based entrepreneur, has developed an inexpensive wristband called SpotnSave.  The wristband lets you activate the emergency alert system without touching your phone.  All you need to do is install the SpotnSave app on your Android phone, choose up to four “guardian angels” and pair it with the wristband via Bluetooth.  It is made of waterproof rubber and comes in a variety of colors.  The SpotnSave team is currently working on apps for iPhone and Windows based phones.  Jagtiani came up with this idea after a close friend was abducted and tortured.


There are many safety apps for phones.  There are also emergency message services you can subscribe to for a nominal fee, but you still need your phone to activate any of these services.  If you can’t reach your phone fast enough, these services are of no use.  To activate the emergency alert on the SpotnSave wristband all you need to do is tap it twice.  The app will send an SMS every two minutes to your guardians telling them your whereabouts.  The wristband doesn’t look like a safety device and it isn’t something one would consider stealing.  The wristband’s battery lasts around 16-18 hours on a single charge.


The bracelet cost $45 including shipping.  The wristband is designed to appeal to everyone, particularly those in economically less developed countries.  Due to its price, it’s not an idea that it too far-fetched.  We believe that it’s a small price to pay for your safety and security, not to mention the mental satisfaction that you achieve that you could cope with an incident if it arises.

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