3D Laser Measurement Assembly on Your Smartphone – Spike

Smartphones are an essential part of our lives now and it is impossible to imagine life without them. That is exactly why we see a range of gadgets being produced which compliment smartphones in one way or another.Spike 2Our today’s article is about one such gadget which will enable your smartphone to allow for calculating metric data for any object that you take snap of. By employing Spike app for smartphone, users will be able to capture, measure, make a 3D model and share their findings of any object up to a distance of 183 meters all thanks to the laser accuracy.

Spike 3 Spike 6Those of us who are related to Civil Engineering know very well that this technology has been used in the field for a long time now but bringing it to the doorsteps of every person is the idea of IkeGPS, Virginia based company that has decided to let others play with it as well. The idea of attaching it to the smartphone came naturally once you think reasonably.

UN made use of company’s Geographic Information Systems during ‘Katrina’ and 2010 Haiti Earthquake and Spike has taken this GIS to be the foundation and are building upon it. The gadget will attach to the back of your smartphone and will pair with your phone’s camera and GPRS. The device consists of a laser range finder, Bluetooth chip and a 3D compass. Now the million dollar question; how do we make it work?

Spike 5As simple as one, two and three! All you need to do is to take a picture of the object you wish to be measured via Spike app on your awesome phone and that’s it. The hardware attached to your smartphone will come to life and take measurement, key metrics basically, of its height, length, volume, area and direction and all this data will be sent to the smartphone by making use of Bluetooth. This information is then displayed on the screen where users have the option to share this data or use it to generate a 3D model.

Spike 4As is the case with all the upcoming and promising gadgets, Kickstarter campaign is being carried out and company has decided to allow third party app developers to take part in the Application Programming Interface which will cater for the embedment of ikeTools into the app. Those of you who use SketchUp; good news for you folks is that Spike is compatible with your favorite 3D modeling software and a scalable model can be produced and printed once the image has been captured via Spike.

spike gadgetMoving onto spec of the device; it weighs 3.5 oz and measures 3.5x2x0.8 inches. The Class 1 Eyesafe Laser has a range of 6-600 ft while supporting a resolution of ±8 inches. Spike relies on an internal Li-ion cell battery for its power which provides two days battery time and can be charged via Micro USB connector.  Orders can be placed on IkeGPS’s website at a price of $559 and the shipment will me be made, hopefully, by May 2014.

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