Spiders Made From Old Watch Parts

There are many talented people out in the world who create beautiful works of art. The latest art to hit the scene are these mechanical insects by Justin Gershenson-Gates. What inspired him? A recent trip and a freak spider encounter helped him create these eight leg beauties from old watch parts.

watch spider2

Creating these fragile wonders takes a lot of time and patience. Most of his creations sell for $300 or more. “Even though my pieces are very small, I want to reuse as much as possible, and people generally just throw away their old watches. The parts I use are generally from watches from the 1880s through 1950s, as they are better quality than those made more recently. Half my time is spent looking for parts.”

watch spider1

Before tinkering with old watch parts, Gates made jewellery in Chicago. “I had always been somewhat of a sculptor before making jewellery, so these creations were closer to home for me than the jewellery.” The designer created the legs from numerous watch stems along with band springs that needed cutting into different sizes. The body was made from several pieces that were soldered together with gears, plates, and other watch parts. The body of the spider is a car light bulb which was taken from the base and then attached onto the body using lead wires.

watch spider4

Gates sells his watch series on his website, A Mechanical Mind. He takes requests too and he says he might experiment with making bats next.

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