Soundwave Tattoos Are The Latest Trend

It’s a technological world we live in where everything is being touched and remodeled by technology. Take tattoos for that matter, they were always known as a visual medium but technology has brought new meaning to the term. Say hello to soundwave tattoos – a new and trendy sort of tattoos that can be listened to. All you need is a smartphone and voila.Soundwave Tattoos Are The Latest Trend

Soundwave tattoo can be the voice of a loved one, favorite song, a motivational quote or anything for that matter. You will be able to take it everywhere and listen to it whenever you want to. The idea for soundwave tattoo came to a tattoo artist (no surprise there) based in Los Angeles; Nate Siggard. He came up with the idea for soundwave tattoo when two friends came to his shop and wanted to get the opening line from Elton John’s ‘Tiny Dancer’ inked into their skin. That’s when his girlfriend casually remarked that wouldn’t it be great if you could actually listen to it and here we are now with audible tattoos.

Siggard came up with a way to make tattoos come alive via generating a sound wave using computer and then inking that onto the skin. He tried it out on himself first and inked the voice of his girlfriend and his baby and posted the result on Facebook. The post went viral right away and he was bombarded with requests and questions. This led to the creation of Skin Motion, the company that creates tattoos that can be listened to.Soundwave Tattoos Are The Latest Trend

The Skin Motion website of mobile app enables users to generate a minute-worth of wave pattern of any sound. This wave pattern is then tattooed onto the skin by a certified Skin Motion artist and after a day, the company adds an overlay that can be picked up by your smartphone camera thus allowing you to play your skin art.

As of now, Skin Motion app is still in development and shall be launched officially in June 2017. Founder Nate Siggard is focused on generating a network of certified Skin Motion artists and is partnering up with tattoo artists all over the globe. These artists will be trained and then authorized to carry out soundwave tattoos.

Here’s to a tech-savvy future with soundwave tattoos in it! Do let us know what you think of this amazing tech.

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