SONY Puts A Bluetooth Speaker In An LED Light Bulb

Sony is known for coming up with creative and amazing gadgets and it has done the same again. It recently unveiled its newest gadget, LED light bulb speaker, at the IFA event in Berlin.  The LED bulb which has a Bluetooth speaker built-in is meant to give customers the wonderful combination of nice lighting and harmonious sound.

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The LED bulb can easily be manipulated with a smartphone app for controlling brightness and volume.  It can also be used with a remote that can be paired with the bulb through NFC technology.  The bulb has a 40 mm driver built-in and can produce an audio output of up to 2W.  The light produced measures up to 360 lumens while the audio is ensured to retain clear sound because of the bulb’s unshielded front design.

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The LED light bulb speaker has a standard E36 cap screw fitting and is designed for use in ceiling light fittings or lamps.  It also has what Sony calls “optical lens glove” technology, which is said to help minimize any shadow cast by the speaker mechanism within the bulb.

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In a press release, Sony touts the speaker’s compact, attractive design.  They say it allows you to play music in places where it’s been difficult to put audio equipment before.  The bulb comes with a hefty price tag of $200.  The bulb will be available in Japan from May 23rd and it’s not clear when it will arrive in the U.S.

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