Some Of The Best Office Gadgets To Spice Up Your Work Day!!

Being stuck in an office isn’t most peoples idea of fun.  Since people spend a lot more time in their office than home, it should be a comfortable space.  Turn your office into a space you want to be in.  here are some cool gadgets that you must have in your office.

Most of the time the office is a cold and impersonal place.  You can make it your own with pictures of family but adding some cool gadgets could also do the trick.  Actually the employer should invest in these gadgets in the hopes to increase work productivity.  A happy worker is an efficient worker.  From the wackiest to the ‘why didn’t i think of that’, here is a list of 12 office gadgets worth having.

12.  Crap Boxes 

Office gadgets 3

Store all the useless paper cluttering your desk in these multi-colored boxes labeled ‘Crap’ and ‘More Crap’.

11.  Cyanics Desk Organizer

Office gadgets 5

Being the neat freak tbat I am, this desk organizer has got me real excited.  The Cyanics Desk Organizer is one the coolest gadget to organize your junk.  Along with multiple USB ports, this Desk Organizer has every memory connection you can imagine. Retailing for US $39.99 from Amazon, this organizer will take up little space on your desk.

10.  CableDrop

Office gadgets 4

We all have a million cables hanging off the side of our desk.  Available for just US $10 the CableDrop is the best solution to this problem.

9.  Skypanel Fluorescent Light Diffuser

Office gadgets 2

Boring fluorescent lights can annoy the hell out of you when you’re sitting in the office for eight hours a day.  This sky colored light diffuser is a sight for sore eyes.  It might not get you outdoors, but sure will bring a little bit of color to your office.

8.  Return Address Embosser

Office gadgets 6

Impress anyone you send a letter to with your name beautifully stamped on the back of the envelope.  Though letter writing has become a forgotten art, this embosser might spark your interest.

7.  USB Desktop Aquarium

Office gadgets 8

Be the next conversation at the water cooler with this cool desk organizer that keeps your goldfish close by.  With your phone snug in the organiieer’s storage compartment, you won’t have to look all over for your phone.

6.  USB Coffee Warmer

Office gadgets 10

Can’t function without a hot cup of coffee? This coffee warmer is the ideal product when you’re too busy and leave your coffee sitting on your desk for too long.  This one is available for US $10, but there are many other versions out there so shop around to get the best buy.

5.  Life Calendar: Happy Day Tracker

Office gadgets 1

Being happy at your job is essential to being productive, but sometimes things can certainly get you down.  Tracking your happiness is a fun and easy way to tell your employer how you feel too.  At the end of every day, draw the face that shows your feelings about that day.  Once your sheet is full, you can look back and see whether this job is really for you or not.

4.  Brookstone Wi-Fi Scanner

Office gadgets 11

Don’t want to go to the copier? Now scan your document with this nifty gadget that you hardly have to move your hand to get.  This is great product for the businessman on the go or even for a family keeping track of their receipts.

3.  Tornado Demonstration Model

Office gadgets 9

If you want to spend US $300 on a machine that creates mini tornadoes, then by all means….go ahead.  This tornado demonstration model is probably the most useless gadget on the list, it looks pretty cool.  Just remember “a tornado destroyed my work” isn’t going to get you out of the next project deadline.

2.  Wind Up Shredder

Office gadgets 12

Shredders take up a lot of space and tend to be quite expensive.  You can now shred that important bill with this wind up shredder…..easy, portable, and convenient.  It might not be the fastest tool on earth, but it sure gets the job done.

1. Ring Ruler

Office gadgets 7

Can’t draw a circle?  We’ve got a great product for you.  This flexible ruler can help you draw perfect circles and other shapes too.  It functions as a regular ruler as well.

There are tons of cool gadgets to spice up your work day.  Whatever you may need it for, there will definitely be a gadget out there for you.

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