Solar Socket Is Your New Best Friend

This new gadget helps users to charge their devices/tech using solar power directly from a window. The first solar-powered socket was created by the students of the Samsung Art and Design Institute in Seoul, Kyuho Song and Boa Oh. One side has the solar panel and the other side has the cable through which you can charge your devices. The Global Grad Show of dubai design recently took place on October 24 and this smart design was also featured there. There were many designs from all around the world in that event.Solar socket 1

As the world is using solar panels in their houses for the electricity, the solar socket also makes it very easy for the consumers to charge their large devices portable. This new gadget is small, easy to use and lightweight. We have seen so many solar battery backup solutions but none of them are direct plug-in. It is very simple in design, you just have to attach the plug to any window and it will do its socket 2

This gadget was designed to be compatible for the whole world. We just have to connect our device to the plug through the cable and stick the cup on the window then the power is transferred to the sockets internal battery and your device will be socket 3

Window socket can be used in these following perfect examples, Long road trips, power outages, or going camping. According to Kyuho Song, a full battery offers upto 10 hours of power but it takes five to eight hours to charge the solar socket itself. Socket can store about 1,000 mAh, which is pretty good to keep a 60-watt light bulb lit for about 20 hours. It might be not good enough to charge a dead iphone becauase of its mAh’s. The design of its adapters is so good that it goes beyond other chargers on the market. Its design is so unique. On the other hand, there are solar chargers which comes in many other socket 4

This mind blowing gadget comes with a cut-off mode too, if you unplug your device, the socket will turn itself off saving the battery life. It is easily removable from windows or glass surfaces. Right now, Song and Oh are working on its battery storage capacity and charge time. Therefore, No price of it is yet decided.

The product seems to be a very successful gadget in the future.

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