Snaptrax – The Smart Cap to Control Your Smartphone

Wearable technology is a big thing right now, as we’ve seen smart watches and glasses recently. The recent addition is a smart cap by Will Miller from Sydney. This smart cap allows the user to take control of their phone using the cap. Snaptrax (2)The cap ‘Snaptrax’ is designed to be a cool looking baseball cap with Bluetooth connectivity. The cap can be connected to the user’s phone, and supports voice command also.

Though it looks like just any regular baseball cap, but in the corners, just above the peak, speakers, a microphone and a Bluetooth module are located. The user can voice control their phone to send text messages and emails and also to control music playback.

While the Snaptrax is not going to stand apart when compared to any other wearable tech. But the developers believe that it is both stylish and practical for everyday use and it’ll hopefully make its mark on the audience.Snaptrax (3)

According to Will Miller, “We’re very aware that everyone has different tastes and comes from different backgroundsOur stretch goals include connected bucket hats and visors, and we even have plans for a connected hardhat for tradesmen.”Snaptrax (4)

The Snaptrax cap is still in the very early stage of development. And the developing team is looking at the technical aspects in an effort to reach the perfect balance between the function of the cap and how comfortable it actually is. The main trouble is handling the battery packs and the charging. They cannot fill the whole lining with batteries as it’ll upset that balance we previously talked about. But they are planning for something so that enables the cap to go on for a few days on a 90 minute charge. Snaptrax (1)

The Snaptrax will be waterproof, so no worry walking in the rain. And the developers plans on releasing it in four variations of colors red and black. The project is on KickStarter and one can pledge for as much as AU $189 to pre-order their own. The goal is set for $158,000 and if they succeed in achieving that, shipping of Snaptrax will start by the beginning of January 2015.

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