Smart Public Trash Cans – Enevo One system

Enevo One system 2Garbage trouble is a problem for the developed countries as WWll as for the under-developed countries. There are places where the trash cans can be seen full of trash and the authorities are at times late for the emptying it up, because they had just  emptied it some time ago but the Garbage use can vary. In Finland, the Enevo One smart garbage can sensor was invented; the reason that led to the invention was the trash cans at the beach in Finland. They actually fill up in just about the same time it takes to empty them. Summertime in Finland is lovely, for sure! There’s a huge crowd at the beaches, Finlanders do all sorts of things that result in garbage.

But in the wintertime, Finland does get a lot of snow. So there are fewer tourists visiting, fewer hangers hanging, fewer fishermen fishing, and fewer sailors sailing. This means there’s less garbage as well. But the garbage trucks maintain the same frequency for their routes!

Enevo One system  4This is what actually turns out to be the problem now. Because the unnecessary pickups waste fuel, time and energy! The waste trucks use a lot of fuel and the emission of their dense smoke is also a problem for our atmosphere. So the Enevo One system provides a solution: a very small puck-shaped sensor that attached to the inside of the garbage can lid. It can sense how full the can is, and when does it need emptying. It can communicate that information to the collection company in real-time, so that they can be aware of all the trash cans that need emptying.

Enevo One systemEven better, the Enevo has some “smart” qualities, meaning it can do a little bit of light thinking for itself. It collects and analyzes the garbage data and draws conclusions from it, so it can figure out when each can is likely to be full, how long it takes to get filled up and it can than make a schedule for the authorities. No reason it needs to be restricted to Finland; this kind of tech can work well just about anywhere, though it might need slight modifications for international cans. Also, it looks cool, and as always, we love all garbage-tech.

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