Sevenhugs Smart Remote Controls All Of Your House

Are you tired of having to switch remotes when it comes to appliances in your home? Have you ever wondered if there was an omni-remote; a remote for every item? If the answer is yes, then Sevenhugs Smart Remote is the answer to your prayers.Sevenhugs Smart Remote

Using Sevenhugs Smart Remote you can control anything in your house. The process is so easy that you’d be surprised. The gadget adapts to whatever thing you point it at. Once it is pointed at any device, the Sevenhugs Smart Remote shows an intuitive interface on its high-definition touchscreen. Using this interface, you can control the specific device.sevenhugs-smart-remote-controls-all-of-your-house-5

If you’re trying to control a gadget that is placed close to others – such as trying to use a media player that is located below your TV – Sevenhugs Smart Remote easily allows you to select which one you want to use. You can make use of the device selection carousel that appears automatically on remote’s top.Sevenhugs Smart Remote

You can also control devices that are placed in other areas of your home. For instance, you could point the Sevenhugs Smart Remote at your living room fireplace for controlling the temperature of your hallway. You can also point it in the direction of your garage door to ensure that you closed it.Sevenhugs Smart Remote

The gadget allows you to control any device via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or infrared. It is compatible with over 25,000 devices and new devices and services are being added to the list on a daily basis. The technology (patent pending) makes use of 9-axis motion sensors for tracking Smart Remote’s exact position and orientation. This approach enables the Sevenhugs Smart Remote to ascertain what it’s pointing at in 3D.

You will be able to control Wi-Fi devices that are on the same network as the Smart Remote even if they are located in other places of your home. All that you need to do is to set locations in your living room to point at (smart zone). Once you’ve set that up, you can simply point at and then control the designated device. You can also have multiple units of Smart Remote installed in your home.Sevenhugs Smart Remote

You can use Smart Remote for controlling your TV, dimming the lights, closing the garage door, setting the thermostat and even for ordering an Uber. The best part? It comes with a ringer so that if you lose it; simply tap on the lost and found button on the charging base to make the remote ring.

It requires a few minutes for setting up Smart Remote and to have it running. You’ll have to download the free Sevenhugs Smart Remote app (supported on iOS and Android). Install sensors in the room where Smart Remote will be used. Adding of devices and services by using the app and for designating locations in your room for each service and device. It comes with three room sensors that cover an area of 1,000 sq.ft.

The gadget has been designed in collaboration with French Design studios, eliumstudio. The gadget made its first appearance at Techcrunch Disrupt in 2015 and then the prototype was shown off at CES 2016 in Las Vegas.

Designed in collaboration with of the most iconic and decorated French Design studios, eliumstudio, Smart Remote will be the heart of every connected home. Since 2014, we’ve made dozens of drawings, 3D printed prototypes and manufactured prototypes. Smart Remote made its first appearance at Techcrunch Disrupt in 2015, where we gave a live demo on stage using our first prototype in front of hundreds of journalists. A few weeks later, we showed the prototype version 2 at CES in Las Vegas in 2016.

The gadget is currently raising funds on Kickstarter. The campaign has, at the time of writing, raised $879,847 with 9 days still to go before the campaign ends. The shipping will commence in June, 2017 if all goes well.

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