“Serial Taxi” by Paolo Cogliati : Animated Short with a Twist Ending.

A young business woman takes a chilling ride when she realizes her cab driver could be the notorious Taxi Killer. Serial Taxi was created by Paolo Cogliati as his graduation thesis at Ringling College of Art and Design. The film took approximately one year to produce, starting from concept and story to final render and composite.

The story of Serial Taxi was actually based on a real experience Paolo had while visiting Russia. Although he came across no killers, a particular taxi driver that was supposed to take him to the airport (and eventually, thankfully did) behaved very much like Boris from the film.

After watching the short if you have an urge to listen to the full song, it can be found here.

This animated short is quite opposite in its atmosphere than the short we shared a few weeks back ‘ABE’, which featured a robot serial killer grappling with the concept of love and uncontrollable desires. Remember to check that out too.



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