Sensus: Case that turns sides and back of iPhone into a touch screen.

The Sensus

Touch screen phones are the future and they have managed to replace the higher percentage of  traditional dial pad phone over the last few years. Naturally innovation always finds it way to the top and today’s article is one such. Minneapolis has managed to make a case that turns the whole iPhone into a touch sensitive device, more like a touch screen. The case has been specially designed for gamers, business men and people whose fingers have difficulty in finding their way about the screen. Canopy, the company behind the case, also told that it will help handicaps to operate the smartphones as well. It is protection and functionality at its best.

The main idea of the case is to turn the sides and back of the phone into a touch screen. Minneapolis revealed the Sensus, the case, at the Consumer Electronic Show (CES), Las Vegas. It is due to go on sale this summer for $99 however no release date has been issued. It will help create short cuts for the users for certain tasks thus making it easy for the user to operate the phone.

The Sensus

The case is equipped with two types of sensors, capacitive and resistive. Capacitive sensors work when the skin of the user touches the screen and the sensor picks up the current in the skin to locate where the screen was touched while the resistive sensors detect the level of pressure the user applied. Coupled together they turn the case into a touch sensitive screen. When the user touched either the back or the side of the case the sensors pick up the stimulus and convert it into electric signal which then is process by the coupled app in the phone.

In time it is said that the case will be compatible with many apps but for now however it is only compatible with 3. The case will first be launched for iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s with a larger version for iPad mini following  and the owners of iPhone 5C and iPod will be next in line. The company said it might develop them for use with Android and Windows Mobile smartphones too.

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