SeaScape Ocean Villas Have Been Designed To Float On The Shores

The BMT Asia Pacific, after the utopic floating island has redefined luxury with its floating villa concept. These villas will be stationed across minor distances to the coast in calm, serene waters. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg, because below the surface the villa has an underwater bedroom. That’s SeaScape, the perfect escape to the seas.

Seascape Villa on Sea (4)

Still in renders, the SeaScape remains much of a suspense but that doesn’t mean the company’s lips are sealed to some heart melting information. The villa will sit atop a triangular floating pontoon to boast 700 sq ft (65 sq m) of space. If that isn’t enough, an expandable pontoon module can give you a total of 1,800 sq ft (167 sq m) space.

Seascape Villa on Sea (1)

Prefabricated but disassembled, the villas will be transported to a coast in a standard shipping container. To stand the sea, the villas will be made from marine-grade aluminum and fiberglass. The units will be self sustained for water and power, much like the Wohnwagon’s trailer home, more so because of its intended location than environmental concerns, but who’s complaining? “All the systems on the SeaScape model those found on yachts, meaning there is the intention to have the units as self-sustained for water and power,” says a company rep. “While we haven’t specifically focused on green features in the design a number of them are intrinsic to a waterside location – improved natural ventilation from sea breezes, temperature moderation through the hull from seawater. However developers/owners have the opportunity to install solar panels etc to supplement the small genset (a diesel and electric generator) and as the roof area increases this may become a significant contribution to the total power load.”

Seascape Villa on Sea (3) Seascape Villa on Sea (2) Seascape Villa on Sea (5)

But the star of the show will be the acrylic underwater cylinder right in the center of the villa, posing as a bedroom – or whatever is your favorite. This cylinder could drop into the depths of the ocean to offer an all-around underwater marvel. The company is seeking a commission to give life to SeaScape’s renders, so it will be a while before we see these afloat the oceans.

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