Scrobby: The Solar Panel Cleaning Robot

Robots are going to learn to all kinds of things for us in the future. Going solar is a great way to connect your home and be environment friendly at the same time, but when mom yells “Whose turn its it to clean the solar panels?”no one listens.  So, who is going to clean them because to optimize their efficiency they need to be clean.  Well, there’s news for you, Scrobby the robot is eco-friendly and here to help keep your panels spotless.


Scrubby doesn’t need a power source because it is solar powered, it uses rain water and a brush to gently scrub your panels clean, and you can schedule it to clean your solar panels 3 times a year with an app. Solar technologies are advancing fast, but a device like Scrobby Solar will be quite welcoming.


Even though we would like to think that we can rely on the monsoon season to clean our solar panels, but that won’t cut it. A single Scrobby robot can clean a solar array measuring up to 10×20 meters, the distance limitation is only due to the length of the robot’s wire tether.  The wire is attached to Scrobby so that it doesn’t fall off the roof and destroy itself or hit someone on the head.  The robot is capable of taking user commands from a smartphone or tablet app, and can send details of its schedule to the app via Bluetooth.scrobby2 Scrobby4

Now for some fun information, Scrobby does not require external power as mentioned earlier but what’s even better it has a collector on its docking station to catch rainwater, meaning it is truly independent and autonomous. After installation and with a full tank of rainwater, Scrobby starts cleaning and mapping out its environment to learn the dimensions of the panel.  Once this is done Scrobby works according to the schedule it is set on.Scrobby3

For most places three times a year for a solar panel cleaning is enough, but you can override this schedule via the app for particularly dusty areas, or heavily polluted areas. There are quite a few industrial level solar panel cleaning robots out in the market, but Scrobby was designed and created to reel in the domestic market.

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