Scariest House In Belarus Is Almost Complete

Welcome to Ratomka, a town that is located about 5 km away from the Belorussian capital of Minsk. The town features a house that is so scary that even adults avoid walking past it, especially during night time. The house has skeletal hands protruding from the stone fence, devils affixed onto the roof and plethora of black skulls covering a domed structure built on the property. The scariest house in Belarus is definitely a sight to see (or not see).Scariest House In Belarus Is Almost Complete Scariest House In Belarus Is Almost Complete

Pictures of scariest house in Belarus recently went viral in Belarus. A lot of people praised the owner for executing a bold and artistic design. However, a large number of folks have also complained about the house. The complainants are usually the ones living in the vicinity of the house. A number of them have even filed complaints with local authorities but to no avail as of yet. The stance taken in the complaints is that the house scares not even children but the adults who are walking past it.Scariest House In Belarus Is Almost Complete

Neighbours Take on Scariest House in Belarus

Maria Nikolaevna, a resident of Ratomka said, “I photographed the house with my phone, to show it to colleagues at work, and then I deleted the photos because I didn’t want such devils in my phone’s memory. From the distance, the house looked pretty, my granddaughter even compared it to a fairytale castle. But when we got closer and saw the hands coming out of the fence, and the devils on the roof, I was shocked. Now I don’t walk my granddaughter by that house anymore. At night, it’s scary even for adults, as the light reflects off those little metal devils and they look even creepier.”Scariest House In Belarus Is Almost Complete Scariest House In Belarus Is Almost Complete

Another next-door neighbour has also stated that the view is horrible. He even pointed out the uneasiness he feels because one devil sculpture is aiming a bow directly at his window.Scariest House In Belarus Is Almost Complete

Owner of Scariest House in Belarus

The house has been termed as the scariest house in Belarus. However, neighbours have also told that the owner of the house is merely an ordinary businessman. He began the construction about a decade ago but then went away for almost 8 years. He returned about two years ago and resumed the work on the house. The scariest house in Belarus has almost finished the construction. Many of the neighbours are afraid that the owner might even add spookier items before the construction is finished.Scariest House In Belarus Is Almost Complete Scariest House In Belarus Is Almost Complete

Yay or Nay?

Scariest House In Belarus Is Almost CompleteWhether you’re afraid of it or not, one must admit the uniqueness of the design. It definitely will work as an amazing thief-deterrent. However, we would think twice or maybe a couple more times before passing it at night. What do you think of the scariest house in Belarus? Do let us know!

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