SaviOne: Service Robot Designed for Hotels

Did you forget your toothpaste? Do you need more towels?  How about a bucket of ice?  Staff at some hotels can now dispatch a robot butler to fulfill guest requests at any time, day or night.  A robotic butler is set to roam the corridors on trial of the Aloft hotel in Cupertino, California.

savione5Robot company Savioke has announced that it is going to start service robots for hotels.  The SaviOne robot as it’s called was designed specifically for use in the hospitality industry.   The SaviOne, robotic butler will serve a variety of functional services.  Staff can use it run items from the front desk to any guests’ room, so personnel no longer have to spend their time taking forgotten phone chargers to the furthest corners of the hotel.  The staff simply places the item in the robots’ two-cubic-foot locking chamber, tell the robot where to deliver it and the robot goes on its way.  Once SaviOne arrives outside the room, it calls the appropriate guest, greets the guest at the door with its contents, makes the robot “beep beep” sounds, and then goes right back home to the front desk.

savione3 savione1Measuring 3ft tall, the robot features a touch screen display to relay simple communication lines with guests.  It weighs less than 100 pounds and walks at a human walking pace.  The company made a working prototype each month for five months.  By the fifth month they had a prototype to show to customers in hotels.  The first time SaviOne goes to a hotel, it roams about and maps the building.  It uses many sensors as well as wi-fi to navigate and move around.  Eventhough we don’t want technology designed to replace people, this new technology helps hotel associates provide better service to their guests.

savione4The robots are named A.L.O. Botlr by the hotel.  They are powered by ROS (Robot Operating System) which allows for many functions such as stereo vision, movement, and facial recognition.  When thinking of a sci-fi film we’ll picture flying cars, flashing lights, and of course household robots.  Well it isn’t too far into the future with SaviOne.  All we need now are hover-boards and virtual reality and we’re set.

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