Engineering at it’s Best; Sarthe – The Supercar

Vencer’s SartheLiving in the era of all those racing video games and movies, every single one of us loves cars. And especially fast cars. There are those who make it a hobby and for such people there are auto events like the one held on the grounds of the Syon Park manner. Named as the Salon Privé, has been for the past eight years, UK’s leading boutique auto event! About a year ago, we heard something that all of us had dreamed about, at least once in our life, A supercar! Given the ultra-elite status of Dutch auto maker Vencer’s Sarthe supercar, the Salon Privé was certainly the perfect place to announce this marvel.

Vencer’s Sarthe 5This past April, at a show in Monaco, Vencer’s Sarthe showed the world why it is named as a supercar. A look under the hood revealed a 510HP V8 engine, to which a six-speed manual is bolted. The Sarthe is capable of reaching a top speed of 326km/h (203mph). With acceleration that will take its driver from 0-100km/h (62mph) in 3.8 seconds the Sarthe is every bit as fast as it looks! Air conditioning, electric windows and locks, “in-car entertainment,” an alarm and ABS are the standard accoutrements, but customers can request extras.Vencer’s Sarthe 3

The car’s bodywork is a blend of vintage styling coupled with state of the art materials. Inspired by classics like the Lamborghini Gallardo, the Ford GT40 and Chevy’s Corvette the Sarthe’s 1.9 (6.2ft) meter wide, 4.5m long (14.7ft) body provides the car with stability and balance while travelling at a speed that’s way faster than others. Vencer’s Sarthe 2Composed of a hybrid tubular steel chassis, a chrome-molybdenum safety cage and a honeycomb aluminum floor the Sarthe weigh in at a well-balanced 1390kg (3064lbs). That helps it achieving those high speeds!  And the fact that each Sarthe is a hand-built machine just adds to the exclusiveness of this fine auto.Vencer’s Sarthe 4 And that is one of the reasons that it is garnering such exclusive attention. Vencer has stated that Sarthe will be produced in a limited series. Anyone interested will have to contact Vencer directly for pricing and delivery details.



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