Sandisk iXpand Memory Case Solves the iPhone’s Biggest Problem

It’s been years now that iPhone-Android debate is continuing with users arguing about the technological failures of the counterpart. Absence of internal memory in iPhone and no room for expansion in it are one of the foremost arguments against iPhone (in addition to people saying “because it’s an iPhone”). But, by means of SanDisk’s new iPhone case that is incorporated with built-in storage, these arguments might be no longer valid.

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Even though, their products are sleek and exceedingly user-friendly, Apple emphasizes on the selling of the 16GB models in 2016 as if it is completely fine. Despite knowing that they will never surpass the capacity, the innocent customers fall for the slightly reduced price and then realize within a month that their phone is no longer able to support their favorite streaming services besides getting in the way of the ability to take a selfie ever again (truly terrible). SanDisk might be able to relieve you of your problems of storage negligence with their new iPhones designed with built-in storage.

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The Sandisk iXpand memory case has been devised with one and only one intention of offering more space to iPhone 6 and 6s models in order to put an end to the distresses of the iPhone users of being unable to take a selfie, play a game, or stream a favorite show. Unfortunately, this case does not support former models. However, the company plans on supporting the deficient iPhones with an external upgrade that provides 32GB, 64GB or 128GB of extra storage for all of the content on your phone. In addition to this, the case is also capable of supporting a supplementary add-on battery pack to give your device more apple juice. SanDisk also dedicates itself to protect your phone by ensuring that the case not only protects your iPhone in the unavoidable event that you drop your phone but also makes sure that it looks wonderful.

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SanDisk outdid iPhone’s rigid security, the major concern for external storage, by creating a new app reserved for backing up your phone. The camera roll can be automatically synced, and all other data can be backed up to the case as well, all of which can be accessed via the app. Presently, the 32GB, 64GB, and 128GB models are available on  Amazon, costing about  US$59, $99, and $129, respectively. The additional 1900mAh battery pack is also available for another $40.

We expect iPhone to enhance their customizability and provide expandable internal storage space and stop charging people for a low-storage device that will not be able to perform to its fullest after it is filled with data rapidly even if SanDisk has presented a solution to the major drawback in the iPhone series. Although, iPhone holds fast and remarkable technology, however they could surely reconsider the storage problem (thanks to SanDisk for finding the solution to this issue with their new device).

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