SanDisk Is Releasing 1 Terabyte SD Memory Card

It seems only like yesterday we were reaching for Floppy disks to store data. The next few years were ruled by CDs and DVDs and now we are enjoying storage exponential growth like anything. For instance, look at the following photograph.


Quite a progress, right? The most recent storage bomb was dropped by Western Digital, SanDisk’s parent company at the Photokina 2016 photography show where one terabyte SDXC card’s prototype was unveiled. It will, once it is up and running, ensure that your camera never runs out of storage for videos or photos.sandisk-is-releasing-1-terabyte-sd-memory-card-4

The news was given only after a few years of introducing a SDXC card with a storage of 512GB at the very same event. As of right now, the card is in prototyping phase and there’s no word as to when it will be available. However, the future sure does look geeky and promising.sandisk-is-releasing-1-terabyte-sd-memory-card3

The VP of Product Management and Content Solutions at WD, Dinesh Bahal said, “Showcasing the most advanced imaging technologies is truly exciting for us.” sandisk-is-releasing-1-terabyte-sd-memory-card

The only drawback? The SDXC card with 512GB of storage costs $800 at the moment and the price for 1TB SDXC will no doubt be beyond majority’s reach. However, fingers crossed for technological breakthrough anyway and hoping that the prices would get slashed for us to enjoy this plethora of storage.

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