Getting up and running after re-installing Windows

During those times when some virus or malware has gotten a good hold on your computer that you cannot just get rid of it whatever fix you apply, or perhaps you’ve messed up your computer so much that it takes ages to start up and you think keeping it on weeks on end is a better option, or perhaps you just need a fresh install of Windows to solve those problems which you cannot really put your finger on, it is during these times when you have to go over the appalling task of re-installing your Windows; all of your settings, all of your configurations, all of your software gone, just like that.

Taking care of settings and configurations is somewhat easy and doable with some annoyance, but for software, you have to install them all, ONE BY ONE. That’s what is really horrible.

And now, here’s the solution: Ninite

All you have to do is select the apps you need, and download the installer. That’s it. You’ll get the latest versions whenever you install, you’ll get compatible versions (32-bit or 64-bit) too and if the apps are already there, the installer will update them all. Yeah, the last bit is sort of a separate utility of its own. No toolbars or spyware or other trash. Guaranteed. So, go ahead and take some trouble out of your life. It’s all about the little things, fellow geeks, it’s all about the little things.

And oh, it’s for Linux also.

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