Rudi Rainbow – An Edutainment iPad App for Children

Apps have made the learning experience for kids easy, interactive and quite fun. A lot of Edutainment apps are popping up on Google Play and AppStore to aid kids’ learning, be it about alphabets, colors, numbers or life!

App developers Martina and Felicitas from Berlin, Germany are working on a similar concept for kids aged 6 and above. It’s their first children app featuring Rudi, the Rainbow that has lost ALL its colors! Rudi asked for our help and we couldn’t say no! He’s cute, and we love the idea!

RudiRainbow_Lost_ColorsThis iPad App teaches kids about the weather and space. The kids accompany Rudi’s journey in Novemberville and help him find his colors, which got blown away by a huge storm.

Rudi Rainbow 1

The concept includes learning aid through interactive games, fun activities and hidden goodie bags to engage the kids as well as teach them how rain is made, or how the wind blows and other facts about the weather.

Rudi Rainbow 2Rudi Rainbow 3

Rudi is accompanied by friends who help him find his colors. These are fun characters, all based on space or weather related objects. These characters are cute enough to get us adults giggling and playing the game ourselves! All of them are residents of Novemberville and each resident plays a part in a very important task: fulfilling the weather forecast. 

RudiRainbow Characters 1 RudiRainbow Characters 2

Kids get to learn about their roles and how they work as they play through 6 different rounds to retrieve Rudi’s colours, in turn learning how different kinds of weather works.RudiRainbow Characters

The developers aim to release the app in both English and German, but are currently looking for backers to kick-start the development process: programming, professional music & sound recording in the studio, a proper English translation, a German and an English narration. With enough funds, the developers aim to create a children-friendly, ad-free, clean app without any in-app purchases that kids can use safely.

The Kickstarter campaign closes in 13 days! Let’s get this cute, fun and highly interactive learning App on the market and help Rudi find his colors. Backers get to claim some really fun and handy gifts.

Rudi Rainbow Rewards

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