Ruby Tipped 3D Printing Nozzle By 3DVerkstan

The ongoing requirement of professional 3D printing applications in a great amount of materials is increasing day by day. This is the reason for the release of unique ruby tipped 3D printing nozzle by a leading northern European desktop 3D printer distributor known as ‘3DVerkstan’ in recent times. This 3D printing nozzle named as the ‘Olsson Ruby nozzle’ has been created in order to meet the requirements of the most demanding users and can be utilized to print a variety of materials. As per now, it is available in the US and Europe through a premium re-seller network.


The headquarters of the company are situated in Stockholm which supplies 3D printers from ‘Ultimaker’ and ‘Formlabs’, in addition to materials from some of the top manufacturers, comprising ‘colorFabb’, ‘Polymaker’ and ‘Innofil3D’. In order to make a name for themselves in the global 3D printing arena, they have been working really hard over the past five years and have reached to the unique 3D printing solutions, like the Olsson Block by means of their cooperative research and development work. This incredible new Olsson Ruby nozzle can be used to print both standard and abrasive materials without reducing the print quality or speed. This device really stands out on the market and the one who makes use of it will be capable of encompassing the countless possibilities opened by the ability to print with materials like carbon- and metal-filled plastics.

The CEO of 3DVerkstan, Daniel Ljungstig, while talking to, said:

“Ruby has among others already been used in water jets, inkjets, and air nozzles because of their resistance to chemical substances, hardness, stability under high temperature and remarkable electrical and thermal properties. We are thrilled to introduce this gem into the 3D Printing world in a manner that will make the ultimate difference in high-quality printing of hard materials. The Olsson Ruby nozzle with its possibility of printing all kind of abrasive materials, will unlock new applications both in manufacturing as well as in advanced research.”


Working with a large variety of materials, such as PLA, ABS, nylon, and composites that have abrasive additives such as steel, carbon fiber, tungsten, and phosphorescent pigment, is one of the best aspects of the Olsson Ruby nozzle. The nozzle is highly wear resistant and makes sure that even the toughest of materials are printable due to the ruby installed at the tip. As a matter of fact, the original design of the nozzle was such that it was capable of printing with a composite of B4C, also called Boron Carbide, the third hardest material in the world.

As the Olsson Ruby nozzle is mostly made up of brass, hence it has outstanding heat conductivity, throughput, and performance. As this new nozzle has been created, assembled and tested in the high-quality Swedish facility of 3DVerkstan, it is of the finest quality and tolerances. Since the start of 2016, 3DVerkstan is being assisted by the people from all over the world via testing of different variations of the Olsson Ruby nozzle, and the company is pleased to inform that their collective 3D printing community is approving the new nozzle.


Ljungstig said in a statement:

“After close to a year of testing, we are happy presenting this exciting upgrade for desktop 3D Printing. The Olsson Ruby is a high-tech nozzle with a carefully designed ruby tip, with unique properties. The ruby nozzle is designed by Anders Olsson, inventor of the popular Olsson Block, as known from the Ultimaker 2+ 3D Printers. He designed it to be able to print extremely hard materials for scientific research at Uppsala University in Sweden. Already now, companies such as electronics manufacturer Norautron are using The Olsson Ruby together with carbon-filled materials (Colorfabb XT-CF20) to print ESD-safe (dissipative) tooling and fixtures for manufacturing.”


The new Olsson Ruby nozzle costs $90/80€ (excluding VAT/taxes) and is available via 3DVerkstan’s worldwide network of 3D printing partners. In case you want to know more about this amazing novel 3D printing nozzle, visit the Olsson Ruby website.

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