Robotic Raptors Designed to Scare off Birds

Birds that stray into the paths of airplanes, eat crops, or spread disease from foraging in landfills are quite bothersome and quite honestly, dangerous.  People have tried everything to scare them away, from loud noises to trapping them, even poisoning.  A company called Clear Flight Solutions may have found one of the most harmless and efficient methods of scaring away birds: robirds.


These ‘robirds’ are the creation of Nico Nijenjuis from Clear Flight Solutions.  Their robotic birds look and fly almost exactly like birds of prey in an effort to frighten unwanted birds.  By imitating nature so closely, Robirds are extremely effective in herding birds, moving them out of harm’s way.  The company claims that their Robirds reduced the number of nuisance bird populations by 50 percent or more and say tha because these mechanical predators resemble the real thing,  particularly in wing movement and silhouette they could scare off all birds from given areas in the long run.


The Robirds are created out of 3D printed glass fiber and nylon composite material, and then painted to appear as realistic looking as possible.  The system is fully controllable by an operator on the ground with a remote control.  The peregrine falcon model is capable of flying at a speed of 80 km/h, has a body length of up to 23 inches and a wingspan of 47 inches.  However, the eagle model is much more intimidating.   It’s designed to scare off any type of bird and would probably care some humans.


The company plans to continue developing and testing these remote control operated Robirds throughout 2014 and into the first half of 2015, before officially launching their product and making them available to the public.  Currently they are working with several large airports to test the best ways to effectively steer the Robirds in order to prevent issues with aircraft and aircraft controllers.


So while most of us don’t face daily problems with those friendly little flying creatures that may greet you in the morning with few chirps, if you work in agriculture, waste management or aviation, you may think differently,  that’s why Clear Flight Solutions’ invention might be ingenious and amazing.  This invention might also be fun for those who are interested in remote control airplanes.

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