Robot Chefs Prepare Noodles in 90 Seconds!!!!

With the age of robotics around, many things are becoming obsolete, even human chefs.  A restaurant in Shanghai has ditched the normal human chef and gone for something more futuristic, like robots.

robot chefs make ramen 1 robot chefs make ramen 2

Toyako, a restaurant which opened last month in the Hongkou district of Shanhai, has customers lined up outside to get a glimpse of their new chefs, Koya and Kona.  They are not your typical chefs, but rather two $154,000 robots specifically designed to make ramen.  One is in charge of boiling the noodles while the other is in charge of the soup.  They work together and can finish making a bowl of noodles in under two minutes.  The robots don’t completely make the ramen from scratch but serve it up.  Toyako serves four types of ramen: seafood, fried fish, beef in brown sauce and braised pork, but the robots only make the beef variety.

robot chefs make ramen 3 robot chefs make ramen 4

Instead of the very expensive robots the owner could employ two human chefs for six years.  The ramen sold at Toyako is double that that of other typical restaurants.  The owner Liu Jin believes be can make a profit with the restaurant because he says, “You don’t get any problems with robots.  They’ll never ask for leave and they won’t get sick.”

robot chefs make ramen 5

So if you’re looking for a unique culinary experience, take a trip to Shanghai.

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