RoboDynamics’ LUNA: A Personal Robot

Santa Monica based company, RoboDynamics believe their personal robot called ‘Luna’ will revolutionize robotics.  The innovation was developed back in 2011, but still has not been able to hit the market.  The developers have launched a funding campaign.


Developed by RoboDynamics and design studio SchultzeWorks, Luna stands at 5 feet tall, weighs 60 pounds, can navigate flat surfaces on her own, and has positionable arms.  Interaction with the bot can be done via its 8 inch touchscreen.  It’s equipped with a high definition camera as well.  The CEO of RoboDynamics, Fred Nikgohar stresses that her simple design is meant to enable the owners and developers to customize Luna and create any number of uses for her.



The company says “We believe that robots and humans can live and work in harmony together, that’s why we made Luna.  Luna is a personal robot designed for everyday practical use.”  Among the number of tasks that Luna could perform, the makers say it could be used to keep an eye on the elderly in their own home.  It could also be employed as a medical assistant, reminding patients to take their medicine or assisting nurses by fetching items.

luna7 luna6 luna5 luna4

Other than its 8 inch touchscreen, it also features two cameras, wireless connectivity, a three mic array, and a variety of sensors.  Luna’s computer is a Mini-iTX motherboard with 8GB of RAM and 16 GB of storage.  Luna is billed as a personal robot that will “bring robots to the masses.”  The company claims it will be affordable, adaptable, and designed to operate on human scale.  RoboDynamics hopes to begin manufacturing Luna by November 2015 and the first 100 will ship by December at a price of $1,500.

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