Rise and Shine with Wakē – The Ultra-Sonic Personal Alarm!

Waking up flustered from a loud, buzzing alarm has never given you the best of days. Infact, studies show that the way alarm clocks work causes a huge amount of hindrance in the day’s productivity.

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A team of engineers at Lucera Labs has designed an alarm system which wakes up gently, and can wake one person up without disturbing the whole household.

This wall-mounted device,  called Wakē, mimics natural sunlight in its working. A targeted LED beam is used to illuminate the host’s face, slowly and gradually, and wake them from their slumber. Wakē uses your body heat to guide itself towards you, after you have fed in which side of the bed you sleep on, and directs the mechanism directly at you, saving anyone else in the bed. It’s ultra-sonic alarm is also directed towards you in a narrow sound beam, so that only you can hear it, saving everyone in your home. Once it is done with waking you up, it focuses its attention on to your partner and wakes them up if and when programmed to do so.

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Wakē is operable through an Android or iOS app, and connects to your smartphone through WiFi to make all the necessary configurations.

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Lucera Lab has set a crowdfunding goal of $100,000 USD to be able to produce and ship Wakē by June. You can back their project to have a personal Wakē for $249.

Source: Kickstarter

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