Reusing Aluminum Cans- New and Creative!

What better to purge solid waste than to reuse it in the most creative ways possible? A Japanese artist is doing exactly that by saving up his fizzy drink cans and transforming them into remarkably colorful and ingenious art models. This only takes recycling to a whole new level of creativity! Bravo to Mr. Makaon to subtract waste from his personal environment.

Call it traditional art in an urbanized form, Makaon’s mind blowing work isn’t just joining the cans to produce a colorful merchandise but he needs elaborate experimentation to overcome the limitations of the colors found in the cans. His pop culture subjects are both idiosyncratic as well as sophisticated; check out the visuals below to get a glimpse of the amazing world of Makaon!

All the pictures are courtesy of Mr. Makaon.

1. Mario from Mario Brothersmakaon 1

2. Darth Vader from Star Warsmakaon

3. Wall-Emakaon 6

4. Gundam Robotmakaon 7

5. A Smurf and my little Ponymakaon 4

6. Batmanmakaon 2

7. Stormtrooper helmetmakaon 8

8. Buzz Lightyear and Woodymakaon 12

9. War Machine from Iron Manmakaon 9

10. Frog timemakaon 1

11. Luigi from Mario Brothersmakaon 5

12. Bowser from Mario Brothersmakaon 10

13. A Cobra snakemakaon 2

14. Pikachu from Pokemonpikachu

15. Yoshimakaon 11

16. Hello Kitty  makaon 3

It is amazing how he has the ability to imagine and reconstruct all these animated characters into real like 3D forms, for him aluminium cans are the perfect medium. Check out the following video link and admire Makaon’s handy work!

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