Replacement of Future Soldiers by Humanoid Machines

With the substitution of future soldiers by humanoid machines, the forefront of Russian military technology resembles Terminator movies a lot. While the swapping of humans by robots in warfare is an old idea, the implementation of this principle in real to design warfighting robots is brand new. According to a statement made by Russia Today, the human warfighter’s days are numbered as per the Russian military officials and the field will be conquered by robots in next to no time.

The capability of the robot called Ivan has been described in the video above. A modification of the current design was already presented to President Putin riding an ATV and autonomously navigating around obstacles. At present, several robotic devices for warfare are being developed by USA, however, they are largely systems departing from the human form. The ultimate objective for establishing robotic warfighters is the cessation of human casualties in warfare. However, a question arises then, that how war will be without human casualties.

Replacement of Future Soldiers by Humanoid Machines (1)

The humanoid robot was very stable and mild when attacked as you can see from the video. According to the report by Russian military officials, Ivan will be capable of navigating through rough terrain and perform commendably in battlefield conditions. For the time being, the war will still be battled mostly by humans with the help of some robotic systems. Even though, Ivan gives us some idea about the future of war industry, he is far away from being a prototype that can be employed and would be capable of surviving in the intense field of war.

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