REKONECT Is A New Kind Of Magnetic Innovation

Technology and innovation are on the rise.  There’s something bigger and better every day.  A new product and concept is notebook with removable magnetic pages called Rekonect.  It’s raising the bar for writers, designers and artists, making it easier for them to create their masterpieces without boundaries.  The Reconnect Magnetic Notebook is the first of its kind so it’s making history in the digital and technology world.

Rekonect Magnetic Notebook 2 Rekonect Magnetic Notebook 4

Rekonect Magnetic Notebook 3

Rekonect is a magnetic journal with removable and reattachable pages.  All types of creators are now able to maneuver with ease when they’re in their creative zone.  You have a choice of plain, lined, graphed and dotted paper.  The Rekonect Notebook is also a pen holder and magnetizes with any pen.  It’s tech safe and can magnetize itself on a laptop or become a holder for a smartphone as well.  The notebook is quite strong.  You don’t have to worry about pages falling out.  You can shake or drop the notebook without the fear of losing your work.

Rekonect Magnetic Notebook 7 Rekonect Magnetic Notebook 6 Rekonect Magnetic Notebook 5

It seems as if this innovative and clever notebook will be successful in replacing the common office binder.  Rekonect is a family owned and operated company, located in Southern California. The notebook’s creators have launched a Kickstarter campaign to help with production costs.  For now the notebook will be available in black or blue. The price of the notebook is $39.95 and 120 sheets of the paper will cost $8.95   The Rekonect Notebook is scheduled to hit the market on April 2016.

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