Poursteady: A Pourover Bar That Uses Robotics Technology

Any coffee lovers out there?  Here’s something interesting for you.  A group of New York based engineers and product designers have turned a pet project for a commercial pour-over machine into a full blown business venture.


The product is called ‘Poursteady’, a five star bar stand that uses remote and robotics technology for what the inventors call precise and controllable single cup pourovers.  The machine doesn’t actually brew coffee, rather it’s a hi-tech water delivery device.  It can be programmed to pour water into up to five coffee dripper cones of the barista’s choice at once.  It doesn’t replace the barista, the barista will grind, dose, and deliver the coffee to Poursteady’s brewing station, where pre-heated water will perform series of pouring stages while the barista is free to discuss the coffe with you in-depth, or prepare more cups.  The barista can initiate a cup of coffee from any station, even while a brew is already in progress, and the electronics will figure out how to schedule each dispensation of water, from filter rinse to intial bloom through to multiple pouring phases.

poursteady5 poursteady3

Mark Sibenac, Poursteady’s lead electrical engineer says “We came up with the idea a few years ago watching the baristas at fancy pants San Francisco coffee shops.”  Sibenac and his associate, Stuart Heys, a mechanical engineer have many years of experience in providing automation technology in the form of robots for NASA, the US Navy, and other government agencies.  “We collect a lot of industrial automation pars off eBay, so we were able to make the first prototype for almost nothing,” says Heys.

poursteady3 poursteady2 poursteady1

The first prototype debuted at World Maker Fair in 2013.  After brewing 865 cups of coffee over two days and getting some really good review, thought of turning this project into a business arose.  Recently the company displayed their machine at the Engadget’s Expand Conference.  The device is mainly designed for commercial use.

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