Wireless Record Player RokBlok For Music Fanatics

Vinyl records have made an incredible comeback in the past few years. You can often find hipsters sifting through old records in search of classics. For many, vinyl records never really went away, they just took the backseat temporarily. But if I had it ‘My Way,’ I would listen to the fire crackling accompanied by Frank Sinatra’s legendary tracks. Fortunately, a company wants to transport music fans back to those times with the help of a new device known as RokBlok.

RokBlok is a wireless portable record player that is capable of fitting in your hand and allows its users to listen to vinyl records anywhere by means of its built-in speakers and rechargeable battery. This speaker block rides along the vinyl, using its grooves as a track.


The inescapable popularity of vinyl has been made portable with the help of RokBlok. The reason for choosing vinyl is that it arranges for a sentimental experience for the listeners. However, it is not the only reason as it is believed by the fanatics that ‘LP quality’ is way greater than digital formats and that one can actually feel the music rather than just listening to it.

Then again, there is a negative aspect as well. The turntables are not precisely portable and often come at a price. Therefore, vinyl might not be ‘it’ for you until RokBlok except that you are ready to transform your vinyl into mp3’s for on the go jams and only use your records inside the coziness of the four walls of your own home.

RokBlok portable player

Logan Riley along with his team behind the concept at ‘Pink Donut’ hold the view that records reproduce audio in its richest form. RokBlok is the renovation of an old idea as per Riley. The ‘Tamco Soundwagon’ or ‘Stokyo Record Runner’ was the original ride along record player from the 1970’s. On the other hand, RokBlok is the first of its kind to feature Bluetooth connectivity and 4 hours of music playback.

The bamboo block is 2 x 2 x 4.33 inches and weighs 3.2 ounces. On its Kickstarter campaign, it sells for $59. By September 2017, it is hoped to be in the consumer’s hands and we may find more than just hipsters at our local market stalls by then.

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