Port Of Rotterdam Using Drones To Keep Their Port Clean And Safe

The Port of Rotterdam have started investigating possible drone use to patrol and clean the port after looking at ways to keep their harbour clean and running safely. AquasmartXL is the main drone which is being investigated for use. It includes a camera that is used to patrol the port for safety and security concerns. Besides, officials can also inspect boats and ships easily along the waterline with the help of it.  In addition to this security patrol drone, another drone is also being employed by the port authorities which is capable of collecting and ‘eating’ 500 KG of plastic waste each day. Well, you must know that all these drone advancements are part of the Port of Rotterdam’s commitment to innovation.

Chief Executive Officer of the Port of Rotterdam Authority, Allard Castelein said:

“Innovation cannot be forced. However, you can create an environment in which innovation is likely to take place and be in line with the market.”


The plastic-eating drone, known as the Waste Shark, will be very large as compared to the patrol drone. It will be almost the size of a passenger car. It will be constructed in such a way that its mouth will be positioned 35 centimetres below the water line in order to collect the plastic and trash from the water’s surface. As soon as the drone gets filled up, it will drive back to a waste processing location, dump the load, and head back out for more cleaning.

In the upcoming 6 months, this trash drone ship will be used within the port boundaries over a testing period. It is being expected by the authorities that extensive implementation of this trash-eating drone can help get cleared of all the litter and trash present on the Port of Rotterdam.

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