Polygons Measuring Spoon- Simple yet Innovative

All good cooks know that having the right tools in your kitchen are absolutely essential to making a good meal.  Rahul Agarwal has designed a unique measuring spoon called the Polygons Measuing Spoon.


The Polygons Measuring Spoon is an innovative and surprising design of the kitchen tool that eliminates the need for multiple measuring units, therefore saving space and time.  The design applies geometric cuts to a single sheet of plastic that allow the spoon to be pinched at different sections to create varying sizes.  It has four different volume measurements, from a teaspoon to two tablespoons.  When you’re finished, it snaps back to the flat position making it easy to wipe, clean and store.


Rahul Agarwal, a student of the National Institute of Design, started the idea of this product from a classroom lesson.  The topic was ‘simple product design’.  A senior student advised Agarwal not to choose a product that is near perfection, and that’s when he accepted the challenge and invented an intriguing new design of the traditional spoon, but there’s nothing traditional about this spoon.  It can be used as a bookmark in your cookbooks when flat or pick it up and measure spices.  The volume of the spoon gets set to the desired quantity simply depending on the way it is picked up.  It can also be used to measure liquids without all the messy spills.


Right now the Polygons Measuring Spoon is just an idea.  Due to its simplicity, it doesn’t seem as if it would be too hard to construct your own.  Other applications of this product are still in the thinking process, but it can be used in any industry where measuring accurate volumes of fluids is required, such as medicinal packaging, or spice vendors.  Thinking creatively, Agarwal hopes to apply this technology to a sheet of candy.  Kids have their meals using their candy spoon and once they finish, they get to eat it!!  Cool!!

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