Pokémon Go is Helping People To Come Out Of Their Depressing Lives

Well, everyone is already familiar with the life-altering game “Pokémon Go”. In addition to improving the mental health of thousands, this game is making people do stuff like leaving their house, trespassing on others properties and causing accidents. By forcing people to go outside and take walks, Pokémon Go is not only improving their mental states but also giving those who are suffering from depression a reason to live. Although it appears to be wrong, however the truth is that thousands of people are in agreement with this fact that this app is not only forcing them to go out but also making them enthusiastic for life.

While it was not anticipated by anyone, all of this do make sense. Unlike usual video games which are solitary indoor activities, Pokémon Go is entirely unique. Not only are people going outside and exercising but they are also socializing. Even though it has been shown that exercise improves mental health of people, encouraging people to go exercise has always been difficult. Nowadays, people are looking for reasons to take long walks and run errands in the hopes of capturing a new Pokémon.


This app has caused Nintendo’s stocks to skyrocket in addition to be a roaring success. On the other hand, dreadful accidents are happening these days as people are playing Pokémon Go at the same time as they are driving. Probably, these crashes are the only bad news around the virtual reality app. By this time, people are proposing to get paid in order to drive the players around. For the time being, it is quite incredible that downloading and playing Pokémon Go is helping people a lot in improving their mental health.

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