Podo – The First Stick and Shoot Camera

Taking selfies seems to be the biggest craze these days.  People are using selfie stick a lot these days, but it can become a hassle carrying it around and they are facing bans in more and more public places.  Introducing Podo, a Bluetooth connected, stick-anywhere camera.



Podo Labs has created ‘Podo’, the first “stick and shoot” camera, being small enough to fit in the palm of your hand with a reusable sticky back that allows it to be easily affixed to surfaces.  The camera is wireless, which makes transferring images to a smartphone easy, and it features an 8MP camera that can record a 720p video.



The Podo App is free for iOS and Android and controls every aspect of the Podo camera.  After using the live preview to make sure the shot looks exactly how you want it, tap the shutter, or drag and release to start a timer.  Podo will transfer the image to your phone over Bluetooth in just a few seconds.  The image saves automatically to your phone’s gallery.  Within the Podo app, you can add a caption and upload on social media.  There are 3 modes in which the camera can be used, Photo, video, and auto.


Podo features an 8MP image sensor, Bluetooth classic, rechargeable Li-on battery, 4GB memory, accelerometer which makes sure your picture is oriented correctly, no matter which way you stick it.   and LEDs.  The LEDs serve as indication and also serves as a really powerful flash.  Podo is successfully seeking funding on Kickstarter.  Podo Labs was looking to raise $50,000, but backers have already pledged more than twice that amount.  You can get one in red or blue for $89.  Shipping starts in August of this year.

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