PLIXI: The Foldable Helmet

Helmets are an essential piece of equipment for bike commuters, but after the ride is over they become quite a hassle to put away or even carry around with you. The Plixi helmet makes like easier, it features a unique folding mechanism so you can easily tuck it into a bag.

plixi2 plixi4

Made by the company Overade, Plixi is a folding helmet that collapses into less than a third of the helmet’s size, making it quite easy to store into your bag or a gym locker. When you’re on your bike the Plixi will keep you safe, with its 14 vents, sturdy padding and adjustable straps.  The outer shell is made of ABS and the interior is constructed from shock-absorbing polystyrene.  Each helmet comes with a detachable visor and protective fabric pouch.  The Overade Plixi is available in two sizes and your choice of black or white.

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An engineer, Philippe Arrouart came up with the design for Plixi because he was told by cyclists that they never wore a helmet because they were an inconvenience to carry. Based in Paris, France, Arrouart, began his study when he felt people were not protecting themselves by not wearing helmets.

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So now with the Plixi helmet no one has an excuse not to wear a helmet. It’s safe and easy to use and stylish as well.  It’s an ideal necessity for city riders and commuters.  It meets all safety regulations and it available for $126.  If you’re a bicyclist then this chic and trendy helmet is just what you need.

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