Aerial photography is growing every day and now a Toronto based robotics company, DreamQii has  developed PlexiDrone, a portable quadcopter which is going to make it very easy for budding photographers.


PlexiDrone can be transported, disassemble and snapped together in less than a minute when it’s needed.  The product was unveiled on Indiegogo by a company called DreamQii.  People have apparently drooled over this great product.  Each of the propellers is on a detachable PlexiArm, making things easy.    This design also means that damaging one PlexiArm doesn’t mean your craft is out of commission, just snap on a replacement and you’re ready to fly again.

plexidrone3 plexidrone7

A hardshell backpack is available for transporting the drone.  It has internal support for each of the drone’s components.  Your camera can easily be snapped onto the drone.  While in position, the camera has an unobstructed 360 degree range of view.  Eventhough you can’t strap a DSLR and lens to the drone, it is compatible with smaller mirrorless and compact cameras.

plexidrone4 plexidrone6

You can fly the drone with a Bluetooth enabled device running iOS, Android, or Windows.  You won’t get much range this way so there’s something called the PlexiHub, which takes your device and connects it to long range radio.  A standard RC can also fly the PlexiDrone attaching it to a 6 channel receiver.  Other cool features include water resistance, GPS Follow Me, Swarm (multiple drones capturing the same scene from different angles), and an ultrasonic sensor (lights and sounds indicate when you get in the drone’s way).  PlexiDrone has already met its funding goal on Indiegogo, but you might be able to reserve yours for $700, and wait for delivery in April.  So whether you are part of a search and rescue team, a film crew, adventure travel or real estate company, the PlexiDrone will help you all the way.

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