Personal Robot by Robotbase

Artificial Intelligence is growing in the field of robotics every day.  An artificial intelligence robot capable of acting as a personal assistant, stylist, security guard, photographer and telepresence is being displayed as the Consumer Electronics Show 2015 in Las Vegas.  The Personal Robot has been developed by a New York based company, Robotbase.

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CEO of Robotbase, Duy Huynh says that the company’s mission is to build a platform for an autonomous robot with plenty of sensors, advanced computer vision, and a good dose of artificial intelligence built-in so it can’t just react to what you’re telling it to do, but also proactively alert you and handle tasks quietly in the background.


The Robotbase personal robot is 4-feet tall and sits on a telescoping arm that hold its screen, camera, and other sensors.  This robot goes above and beyond its standard tasks of those devices because it can’t just aggregate data from those tools but also moves around your home.  The personal robot has certain ‘talents’.  It can order a meal for you and track your calorie intake too.  When you leave work late it’ll call a taxi for you and it’ll take photos of you while you’re posing.  The Artificial Intelligence rot can understand what people say and also see things around it like a human can.  Huynh says Robotbase is the first company to combine deep learning and robotics.

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Some things the Personal Robot do are:  recognize faces, emotions, and objects.  It understands what you say and know what you mean.  Wakes you up and reminds you about your appointments for the day.  Autonomous navigation allows the robot to move around.  The robot can feel the surrounding environment with sensors and communicates with all your connected devices.  It acts as your own personal security guard.  It can walk you through a recipe or guide you through a home improvement project.  Via telepresence it connects you to family across the globe.  It also has USB chargers for your phones.

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“Not just a robot, its artificial intelligence,” Huynh said.  “Not just recognizing your face, it knows your mood.  Not just understanding what you say, it knows what you really mean, it learns and gets smarter every day.”  Sensors are included so the robot can monitor its environment and perform tasks like checking in guests at hotels and telling children bedtime stories before they go to bed.  WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity is also available, and the machine uses a single algorithm for computer vision and facial, emotion and pattern recognition.


Backers of this project can get the Personal Robot for as low as $995.  Delivery of the robot is said to done by December 2015.  Although it’s been depicted in sci-fi movies and TV for decades, personal robot technology is now starting to get closer to becoming reality.


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