Pelty Bluetooth Speaker – Candle Powered Bluetooth Speaker

There is quite a debate going on the matter of all this technological advancement ruining our interaction with one another as humans since most of us, especially the teens, are usually busy with their gadgets and have little or no time for family members or to go out and play like we all used to. However, there are certain gadgets that work towards improving the interaction time and to enhance the environment and mood. Take for instance, a candlelight dinner – nothing makes it more romantic – which is aimed at expressing romanticism towards the loved one. What if you could add some music to the table? What if you owned a gadget that would bring the candle and music simultaneously? This is where the Pelty Bluetooth Speaker comes in which is a candle-powered Bluetooth speaker!

Pelty Bluetooth Speaker 4Pelty Bluetooth Speaker 2

Pelty Bluetooth Speaker employs a thermo-electric generator in order to power itself. For those of you who are not well versed with science, the gadget takes its name from the Peltier effect that deals with the heat used to generate electric current right away. This brings us to the fact that unlike other Bluetooth speakers that rely on alternative energy, Pelty Bluetooth Speaker doesn’t include a battery to store charge but will work as long as the candle is lit and burning inside. This is made possible by the Peltier generator stored within it.

Pelty Bluetooth Speaker 5Pelty Bluetooth Speaker

The gadget comes from Italy where it is being handmade and not with just any material but with high quality glass and ceramic parts. This explains why the price tag reads $360. The Pelty Bluetooth Speaker has been launched as an Indiegogo campaign and you can secure a unit for yourself by making a pledge of $199 only. The shipments are planned for later this year. The basic version comes in black and white color only whereas for other colors you’d have to pay a bit more.

Pelty Bluetooth Speaker 6 Pelty Bluetooth Speaker 3

We are trying hard to resist the urge to make puns using the names of songs that you could play on this gadget, but, before we get to that part let us remind you that fire is dangerous and you will be wise to use the gadget as instructed otherwise you might want to add the We Didn’t Start the Fire by Billy Joel and The Unforgettable Fire by U2 to your playlist!

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