Pedalist Velomobile Might Be The Answer to Rush Hour Traffic

At the Interbike 2014 in Las Vegas the prototype of a cool, snazzy looking, new futuristic car/bike was spotted. San Diego based company Virtue Cycle Solutions has developed an electric bicycle/car type thing which they hope to bring into production soon.


It kind of looks like a car with bicycle wheels. Basically, it’s a velomobile, a human-powered vehicle which is enclosed for protection from weather and collisions.  This vehicle has the option of an electric motor to add range that the  vehicle can travel.  You could call it the ‘electric tuk tuk’.  Being able to run to the store to pick up milk and eggs, going to the post office, or doing any other boring errand just got easy and lots of fun.


‘Tall and skinny’ best describes Virtue Cycle Solutions’ latest creation, the Pedalist. It is constructed on a lightweight tubular frame, but it’s designed to stand upright.  It almost looks cartoonish.  Why would one choose this instead of a normal bicycle?  Well, for one it’s covered to protect you, it has battery powered headlights and turn signals, it’s compact enough to fit through a door, and it comes with the possibility of an electric motor.  This seems to be the ideal type of transport for commuters.

pedalist4 pedalist5

The Pedalist weighs about 200 pounds, it’s only 34 inches wide, and the body is made of polycarbonate. Virtue Cycle Solutions also want to add a side mirror which attaches via suction cup and would also like to add windshield wipers.  The company is seeking an investor so that they can start on production but the only problem is that they are targeting a price between $3,500-3,900 which seems a bit steep for a tall plastic pedal car.

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