Patrick Priebe Creates Fallout Inspired Rifle

Games inspire, they really do. While some end up living the thug life (which we don’t recommend), others take the passion to create. A German cyberweapons hobbyist, Patrick Priebe, took the love for Fallout the game to a new level by creating a Fallout inspired rifle. This aluminium and brass  ensemble shoots foam earplugs, saving a few lives and taking none.

Cyber Weapon Fallout Rifle (3)

Priebe’s custom rifle is based on a classic Henry repeating rifle, and works as an aiming laser and a cigarette lighter too. Pressing the trigger halfway gives a run to the lighter’s fluid gas to flow into a transparent Plexiglass combustion chamber. Through the air pump, which is switched on separately, air is delivered to the chamber. A complete swing on the trigger releases an electric arc in the chamber which ignites the mix. From the pressure, the rifles harmless bullets shoot out.. the ear plugs!

Cyber Weapon Fallout Rifle (1)

A magazine contains four earplugs and the new one is loaded on to the rifle as soon as the lever is released. The choice of replacing the foam ear plugs with a zesty pointed ear plug exists for an extra punch. These plugs are stuffed into a hort length of aluminum tube with a metallic metal point if you really want to go badass with this baby. Check it out here:

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