‘Panic Room’- A Hotel Room Half Covered in Graffiti

Talk about messing with your mind!!! Imagine walking into your hotel room and experiencing two styles in one room.  The artist Tilt has created what is called the ‘Panic Room’, inside the Au Vieux Panier hotel in Marseille, France.

graffiti room7

graffiti room 5

This unique hotel has six rooms which are redone annually by different artists.  They invite artists, graphic designers, and painters into their rooms to create amazing and distinct themes which customers from all over the world come to see.  This particular room has one side of the room decorated in pure stark white while the other side has Tilt’s colorful graffiti spray painted all over, including the walls, floors, bed, and even mirror.  It is evenly sliced down the middle.


graffiti room8

A representative of the hotel shed light on this idea.  The hotel offers artists a three-dimensional canvas, and gives visitors the opportunity to experience art in a different way, entering the artist’s universe.  The hotel does not impose any theme but many artists apply with their distinct styles and ideas and the hotel chooses the most striking and interesting six.  The artists are given a chance to express their own unique design.  Tilt started with a blank room, totally white.  Slowly he started adding tags and colorful graffiti.  It took Tilt about a week to create his masterpiece.  It will cost you 135 euros to stay in Tilt’s ‘Panic Room’…..hope you don’t panic!

graffiti room3

graffiti room2

This chaotic, yet eye-catching room basically had a very interesting idea behind It all, to show people that they can appreciate art even if it’s street graffiti. The hotel wanted their patrons to sleep in artwork.   It’s all just a point of view.    To some this might seem ugly, overdone, or of bad taste but as the saying goes “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”.

graffiti room10

graffiti room1

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