OHEA Smart Bed Makes Itself In The Morning

Making the bed after getting up is a daily chore.  Even though it’s a minor one, it is a ritual most people carry out whether they like it or not.  Many people also remember being nagged by their parents to make their beds which makes the chore even more annoying.  Most people would just like to turn around and see the bed magically made. Spanish furniture company OHEA has created a self making “smart bed” that tidies the sheet and pillows the moment you stand up.

OHEA smart bed makes itself 2

There have been many beds of the futures that have come into existence.  Bed with built-in radios and televisions, self-heating or cooled mattresses, and ones that promise to wash their own sheets.  The OHEA Smart Bed sticks to just making itself.

OHEA smart bed makes itself 3

In 50 seconds, the bed’s mechanical arm, equipped with two rollers, guides a blanket up to the head of the bed.  Simultaneously, the pillows are lifted by cords so that the blanket can be fully stretched.  Once the blanket is tucked in, the pillows will drop back down, leaving your bed freshly made and presentable.  The bed making process starts with the Smart Bed’s weight sensor.  When the bed is occupied, it’s switched off, but after the sleeper rises, the bed waits three seconds and activates.

OHEA smart bed makes itself 4

Essentially while you’re brushing your teeth, your bed will have made itself.  How cool is that!  There are a couple of glitches like the owner could only use special bedding and if an extra sheet or duvet cover is added will it still work.  OHEA includes a remote control that will activate the process.  OHEA claims that they will sell five different sizes of the “smart bed” and they say that it won’t increase an electric bill dramatically since it only operates for less than a minute.  The OHEA ‘smart bed’ is the first step to ending the universal morning chore of making your bed.

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