Oculas Rift, the true Next Gen?

The Oculus Rift an upcoming virtual reality head-mounted display, which is changing the way people perceive and play games. I was doing some research on the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset, and I came across this video:

So if you’re already familiar with the Oculus(if not, click here for everything you need to know summed up in one video), you will know how amazing this technology is and even though I am already blown away by its amazing capabilities, the video above takes it to a new level. It changes the way we interact with the game and how we participate. Even though I admit that after a while it will definitely create some problems for certain users, as it asks you start ducking, dodging, etc. and we know that if anything was to be taken as a lesson from the last generation of consoles was that ‘NO ONE LIKES MOTION CONTROL’. If you just look around what type of motion control technology was available such as Kinect, Playstation eye and Wii which was better than its competition, It did not receive mainstream success.

If we wanted to get off the couch, we would go and play outside.

Granted this technology is better ten fold then compared to any of the competition, it challenges the main idea that people play games to relax. It can also be said that technology was the only reason why people didn’t like the previous motion control, if so then will the availability of better technology, change the general public’s perception of virtual reality and motion control?

Here is a quote from the developer in the Video :

The simplistic demo pits a single player with a gun against an battalion of alien soldiers. Physically ducking with your body lets you hide behind crates to dodge their blasts, and Lipowitz’s setup allows for precise control of the gun.

The demo is so realistic, he says, that some players get a little too immersed.

“Please be careful when playing this demo,” Lipowitz wrote on the forums. “Lots of people try to support themselves on the crates when they try to stand up or when leaning up against a column, but find there is nothing there!”

Here is the effect it had on YouTube’s favorite gamer Pwediepie.

Here is a Kickstarter project, which allows you to move in the game as you move in real life with the help of iPhone, mounted in front of your chest.

My question is will gamers use the Oculus rift and the motion control together to enhance the gaming experience? Or will people just use the www.cialisonlinecanadastore.com Oculus rift as a virtual reality headset and not use the motion controls? What do you guys think? Leave a comment below.