Nubrella: The Hands-Free Umbrella

We have all experienced the constant battle to maintain our umbrella from inverting in high wind conditions.  Most of the time we lose the battle, leaving us soaking wet and in many cases with a broken umbrella.  Nubrella is the world’s first and only hands-free, wind-resistant umbrella.

nubrella1 nubrella5

The major drawback of the traditional umbrella is –you have to hold it! Today our only hands-free solution is the raincoat and hood and we’re sure everyone will agree that it is far from perfect.  Nubrella’s clever design keeps you dry, the hands-free way and also blocks wind chill and rain coming from the sides.  Back in 2009, Nubrella was born, but somehow the public didn’t buy this rain-deflecting space helmet so the company decided to redesign it.

nubrella2 nubrella4

The all-new Nubrella cuts the visor off giving more view to the user.  Nubrella is worn like a backpack and functions pretty much like a hood, eliminating the need to carry anything.  When not in use, simply press the two red buttons and the canopy springs back to close, storing it back down.  The aerodynamic canopy is impossible to invert, extremely durable yet lightweight.  It weighs only 2.5 lbs.  It is particularly helpful for those who restricted to a wheelchair or simply need protection while walking with crutches.  The new design can extend out farther, giving users the ability to keep their cell phones and other items dry.  The company claims that it can withstand winds up to 40 mph.

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Even after completing the new and improved model of Nubrella, the company is looking into developing the product further.  There are unlimited uses for the Nubrella, eventhough it might seem a bit over-designed for the average walk from the car to the office.  nubrella3Construction workers, photographers, outdoor sports enthusiasts will all benefit from this product.  Nubrella will cost US $49 if pre-ordered which is about 50% off the estimated retail price.  Shipping will start in April 2015 if all goes as planned.

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