Now You Can Wear The Bass of Your Music Around

Listening to music is the best time of the day for many people. You just plug in your headphones and immerse yourself in your favorite songs, avoiding all the unnecessary noise of the surroundings. There are many high end speaker and headphone systems that can satisfy your music needs but what if you really need to “feel” the bass? Well, the answer is here. Now you can wear a backpack that will actually send bass rambling down your body.

subpac 1

Called the SubPac, it is probably the only wearable bass system in the market. When you hook up the system, its built-in subwoofer system filters out the low and sends it through your body via a backpack that you wear. The rest of the audio is send through the headphones. This can give a very immersive experience to video games as well, with bullet bass feeling right in your body.


It is a little expensive though. You can get a seatback version for US$279 or the wearable version seen above for US$329. This device, however, has the potential to change the way you feel music. Giving you a rush adrenaline and Goosebumps. What’s best is that you can use it with your phone, TV or even video games consoles. This technology lets you become your own subwoofer. Check out this unboxing video from the YouTube channel Unbox Therapy:

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