New Nokia 3310 Has Been Officially Released

Nokia has officially launched new Nokia 3310 at Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2017, a device that was famous for its long battery life, indestructible nature and popular Snake game, with 126 million units produced before it got phased out in 2005. It was originally launched in 2000.

New Nokia 3310 Has Been Officially Released

The resurrection of Nokia 3310 can turn out to be a game changer, as per several tech experts. Ben Wood from the technology consultancy CCS Insight stated:

“The 3310 was the first mass-market mobile and there’s a massive amount of nostalgia and affection for it. If HMD had just announced three Android devices they would have barely got a couple of column inches in the press. So, the 3310 is a very clever move and we expect it will sell in significant volumes.”

The updated version is a little smaller, thinner and lighter as opposed to the brick-like sturdiness of the old 3310. It is priced at €49 (£41) and going on sale later this year. It offers 22 hours of talk time which is 10 times more than the original and has one month of standby mode as compared to 11 days in the original.  It also provides 2.5G connectivity which implies that the user can only get basic internet on the handset and there is no Wi-Fi. Also, the camera is just 2 Megapixel. The phone is powered by the S30+ operating system, meaning limited apps as compared to Andriod or iOS. But, most importantly, it features the legendary snake game.

New Nokia 3310 Has Been Officially Released

According to the owner of the Nokia brand, HMD Global, the new model is meant for those who are in search of a second or so-called “burner” phone to make calls and send texts.

The new model is 12.8mm thick and weighs 79.6g, when compared with 22mm and 133g, meaning it looks fresher and slicker than its predecessor, with an enlarged, 2.4-inch 320 x 240 colour screen and significantly slimmer frame. It has 16 MB storage capacity.  The main keys of the phone have been transformed, with the large blue button being ditched, along with the ‘C’ and arrows buttons. Replacing these is a square-shaped central keypad, flanked by large ‘call’ and ‘end call’ buttons.

The new Nokia 3310 is available in a range of colours, including glossy red and yellow colour options in addition to the familiar grey and dark blue matte schemes.

New Nokia 3310 Has Been Officially Released

Furthermore, a new line of mid-range modern smartphones were also revealed by the company at MWC in Barcelona. They included the Nokia 6, which the company unveiled in China at the start of the year, as well as a limited edition gloss version called the Arte Black besides the new Nokia 5 and Nokia 3.

These new phones will go on sale in the second quarter between April and June and are expected by the company to build up its fortunes.

Juho Sarvika, the chief product officer of HMD Global, said:

“Nokia phones stir real emotions. For the Nokia 3310 we just couldn’t resist. We wanted to reward loyal Nokia phone fans and make a statement that rich heritage, innovation and modern design can go hand-in-hand.”

New Nokia 3310 Has Been Officially Released

HMD Global chief executive Arto Nummela said:

“Nokia has been one of the most iconic and recognizable phone brands globally for decades. In the short time since HMD was launched into the market, the positive reception we’ve had has been overwhelming; it seems everyone shares our excitement for this next chapter.”

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