Victor Enrich, Piano and tower of the NH Deutscher Kaiser hotel

Sometimes we are baffled by how a human mind perceives things and this perception varies from person to person. Today’s post is about Victor Enrich who is an Architecture photographer and his recently finished project which is being called NHDK. The project revolves around the dull tower of the NH Deutscher Kaiser hotel in Munich and Victor’s capability of transforming it into something much more artistic and beautiful.  Victor is a pianist and decided to come up with 88 models (modified images) of the tower, what has this to do with being a pianist? A piano has 88 keys folks. The duration of the project was 6 months.

NHDK- 14Victor said; ‘The main core of my work relies on 3D software in order to recreate a scene that I previously shot with my camera. I would say that I steal the geometry of a place via a 2D picture. It can be the slowest “robbery” around, as sometimes this sole fact can take me up to a couple of months, working full time. But of course, it depends on the complexity of each scene. Once the geometry is created, with as much detail as my patience provides, then it’s all about reproducing the lighting and shading conditions that will lead me to a 100% Computer Generated scene that is almost a clone of the real picture. The process itself is not complicate, it’s is just accurate and very slow. In the end, it is about transforming the scene in the way I visualized at the beginning or during the process.’

The end result is quite fascinating and uncovers some really unique and unexplored architectural works.

NHDK- NHDK- 11 NHDK- 17 NHDK- 16 NHDK- 15 NHDK- 13 NHDK- 12 NHDK- 10 NHDK- 2 NHDK- 3 NHDK- 4 NHDK- 5 NHDK- 6 NHDK- 8 NHDK- 1 NHDK- 9

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