Newest Privacy Glasses for Phones from Turkey

Do you hate when people peek at your phone screen on the bus or over your shoulder? Well, hate no more because a Turkish inventor, Celal Göger, has invented special glasses to keep those nosy people at bay. These glasses enable the wearer only to see his/her’s smartphone screen. He came across this idea a few months ago when he noticed people staring at his phone while he was checking emails on a local tram. He decided then and there to do something about this privacy issue that everyone seems to ignore.

privacy glasses Celal Göger  1

The experienced phone repairman came up with an ingenious system that turns the screen on the phone completely white to anyone who is not wearing special glasses. The exact details of how this works are not yet clear because the story has not been covered by mainstream media but Celal Göger says that he has incorporated a chip in the phone that turns the screen white, with another chip which can be mounted on any pair of glasses and connected via Bluetooth so that the screen is visible normally while wearing those glasses.

privacy glasses Celal Göger 2

The best part is that this system only costs $10, including the Bluetooth system that, according to Celal Göger, works on television sets as well. He says that he tested his system first at a café where people started asking him if he was okay as he was staring at a white television screen but only after showing them his special glasses did they realize that it was actually a genius idea. If the system works half as well as it sounds, it’s a bargain at $10. Take a look at Celal Göger showing off his invention in this video:

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